2024 Q1

UIUX / Design System


design at rabbit

AI Pocket Companion

I joined rabbit as a product designer, involving in this long-term mission of redefining the way people interact with technology, and I'm fortunate enough to contribute to a series of projects, like rabbit OS.

2023 Q1



II Invest

Pitch Deck Proposal

II Invest is an Innovation & Impact Driven ETF Service, aiming to empower value investing methods for beginner investors to follow. We also expect to enhance the awareness of sustainable living.

2022 Q4

Spatial Experience



Autonomous Farming Facility

EDEN-ISS 2.0 is an autonomous Martian farming facility built by 3D printing to defend against radiation and promote natural cultivation. And it will be used as a benchmark simulation for the future Martian exploration.

2022 Q3

UIUX / Design System



Sustainable Finance App

Forestfolio is a sustainable finance app that enhances market accessibility and trading inclusivity. We balance both traders’ needs and companies’ long-term visions. We also strengthen the awareness of the entire stock market.

2022 Q2

Tech-Centric Design



Music Composition Agent

Musicasity is an AI-powered music composition platform that highly supports casts collaboration where the “essence” of melody tracks are captured and trained to generate new casting styles that can be stored as new cast characters.

2022 Q1


Social Impact

Through Pokot Lens

AMNH-Partnered Exhibition Redesign

Through this purposefully-designed exhibition redesign project, my group has identified a way to show that tradition and technology can coexist alongside one another in Pokot, Kenya, and go hand-in-hand on a daily basis.

2021 Q3



NOEDGE Non-Profit Venture

Design Incubation Platform

[English/Mandarin] In 2021, I initiated a non-profit design incubation platform providing customized solutions to our enterprise customers, including cross-border manufacturers, design agencies, and technology startups.

2021 Q2


IoT Products

NetEase Youdao Internship

Youdao Smart Devices

From 01/2021 to 04/2021, I joined NetEase Youdao as a commercial design intern in the Business Development team for the IoT product line.

2021 Q1



FAB Proposal

P&G CEO Challenge

[Mandarin] The P&G CEO Challenge 2021 (China) was a business case competition to develop innovative solutions to real-world business problems faced by Procter & Gamble.

2020 Q4


TV Software

TCL FFalcon Internship

TV Software Interaction

From 09/2020 to 12/2020, I joined TCL FFalcon as an interaction design intern in the Growth Product team. I was responsible for the Live TV software embedded in TCL Roku TVs.

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