NOEDGE Non-Profit Venture

In 2021, I initiated a non-profit design incubation platform providing customized solutions to our enterprise customers, including cross-border manufacturers, design agencies, and technology startups. We found that many talented design professionals could not get a job during the COVID-19 pandemic, and medium-sized enterprises in China had difficulties developing outstanding products with a limited budget. We addressed these problems by holding co-curate events that foster the implementation of design talents' intellectual properties into the enterprises' commercial products.


  1. Kathleen Chou(Co-Founder)

  2. Jack Li(Co-Founder)

Major Projects

  1. Pitch Deck Proposal / Pitching / Fundraising

  2. Omni-channel R&D, Management / CRM

Outcome & Impact

  1. Commercialized and mass-produced two outstanding student proposals through an intensive competition format.

  2. Received endorsements from 5 brand companies. Collaborated with Shenzhen Emie Technology Company to hold design competitions and art exhibitions.

  3. Accumulated 10k+ followers, achieved 250+ user retention and 5% conversion rate. The highest traffic of our single promotion article radiated to over 4500 views. Articles and posts radiated to 100k+ potentials.

  4. Enhanced brand accessibility and advanced design inclusion. Focused on delivering value to the right customers.

Global Design Challenge Kick-Off (mandarin)

Website Glimpse (currently unhosted)

Workshop Events (currently unhosted)

Other Publicity Materials

Photo Booth

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P2. Partnership Contract Signing

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