TCL FFalcon Internship

From 09/2020 to 12/2020, I joined TCL FFalcon as an interaction design intern in the Growth Product team. I was responsible for the Live TV software embedded in TCL Roku TVs. I analyzed the market landscape, redefined features based on preliminary data, proposed a new positioning strategy, and remade product demos and specifications. Beyond these, I also modified a few software and hardware integration features, as well as strategic research.


  1. Fuguangwang Liu (Lead PM)

  2. Yu Sun(Sr. technical PM)

  3. Jiaxin Ke (Lead UX Researcher)

Major Projects

  1. TCL Roku TVs - Live TV Software

  2. Android Smart TV One-Tap Key Panel (undisclosed)

  3. Cloud Gaming Case Study (undisclosed)

Outcome & Impact

  1. Worked on the R&D process for the Live TV Software initial version, successfully implemented to the North America market.

  2. Conducted cloud gaming research and analyzed opportunities and challenges. Came up with a proposal that facilitated the execution of a strategic product line.

  3. Remodeled the Android Smart TV One-Tap Key Panel Specification to support software and hardware integration that enhanced usability.

Live TV Spec Keyframes (V.11/2020)

Photo Booth

P1. TCL Shenzhen HQ Office Lobby

P2. Day-to-day Working Scenario

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