FAB Proposal

P&G CEO Challenge 2021 | brand: First Aid Beauty

The P&G CEO Challenge 2021 (China) was a business case competition for undergraduate and graduate students to develop innovative solutions to real-world business problems faced by Procter & Gamble. The prompt involved three different brands and each of their business challenges, and participants were tasked with creating a proposal outlining their solution to the problems in packaging, marketing, and supply chain for the chosen brand of the team.

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Project Type

    1. Business Case Competition

    Timeline & Role

    1. 2021 Q1(3 weeks)

    2. Design, Packaging, Digitalization, and Supply Chain

      Group Members

      1. Patti Pang

      2. Sandy Fang

      3. Lang Song

      Tools Used

      1. Blender

      2. Office 360

      3. ProductPlan

      Outcome & Impact

      1. From a packaging design perspective, I considered the design elements, color choices, and overall aesthetics to enhance the brand's visual identity.

      2. As a team, I initiated the thought process behind our chose strategy and facilitated discussions on how the proposed changes align with market trends, consumer preferences, and the competitive landscape.

      3. Delved into the consumer-centric approach. Ideated potentials on how the proposed changes were tailored to resonate with the consumers and to create a more engaging brand experience.

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