NetEase Youdao Internship

From 01/2021 to 04/2021, I joined NetEase Youdao as a commercial design intern in the Business Development team for the IoT product line. I primarily focused on the overseas packaging upgrade for Youdao Dictionary Pen 3 and Youdao Pocket Printer. Beyond these, I also delivered marketing materials, including but not limited to overseas product specifications, partnership proposals, exhibition brochures, and social media content.


  1. Luming Ran (Head of Overseas Sales)

  2. Vincy Pan (Sr. Marketing Specialist)

Major Projects

  1. Youdao Dictionary Pen 3 Overseas Packaging

  2. Youdao Pocket Printer Overseas Packaging

Outcome & Impact

  1. Cultivated “Design for Manufacturing” strategies for packaging upgrades.

  2. Created designs that align with a brand's visual identity and conveyed its message to customers.

  3. Accumulated 50% more social media followers over the previous quarter through propaganda contents.

  4. Fostered close partnerships with KOLs and distributors, and organized collaborative promotions, attracting over 10k potential customers.

Youdao Smart Devices Brochure (V.04/2021)

Youdao Smart Devices Training Spec (V.04/2021)

Youdao Dictionary Pen 3 Overseas User Manual (V.03/2021)

Youdao Pocket Printer Overseas User Manual (V.03/2021)

Photo Booth

P1. First Day At NetEase Guangzhou HQ

P2. Last Day With My Team

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