The Eventual Value Investing and ESG Trading Platform

Forestfolio is a sustainable finance app that enhances market accessibility and trading inclusivity. It is a transparent platform that allows users to analyze companies’ value. It is also a system that enables sustainability consciousness while lowering the risk of getting fewer returns. We balance both traders’ needs and companies’ long-term visions. We also strengthen the entire market awareness by breaking invisible gaps and converting them into stimuli.

Project Type

  1. Academic Case Study

  1. Solo Project in the context of fintech, sustainability, and social impact

Timeline & Focus

  1. 2022 Q3(14 weeks)

  2. UI/UX, Design System, and Product Strategy

Project Instructor

  1. Trevor Greenleaf

Tools Used

  1. Figma

  2. After Effects

  3. Cinema 4D

My Goal
Project Value

This project has the potential to create significant value by promoting sustainable investing, increasing transparency, improving financial performance, and facilitating engagement. The future impact of Forestfolio could be substantial, both in terms of the specific environmental and social outcomes it helps to achieve, as well as in its broader cultural impact on attitudes towards finance and investing.

Value Proposition
Project Impact
Business Strategy

Forestfolio aims to be a leader in the industry by providing users with up-to-date investment recommendations and value investment metrics that align with their values and promote positive social and environmental impact. And our ultimate goal is to create a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about sustainable finance and are committed to making a positive impact on the world through their investments. To achieve this goal, we will:

  1. Forge Strategic Partnerships

    We will collaborate with a big investment bank for sponsorship and partner with tree planting companies worldwide to ensure a positive impact on the environment.

  2. Employ Expert Team Members

    We will have a team of quant analysts, engineers, scholars, and other experts who will conduct high-level reports and analysis, providing users with latest information on sustainable investment options.

  3. Develop Social Impact Index

    We will create and file a self-structured social impact index that will be open to the public, providing transparency and promoting accountability in the investment process.

  4. Provide Personalized Investment Recommendations

    We will use a variety of factors such as risk preference, deposits, cash capability, age, and social responsibility preferences to evaluate and provide personalized investment recommendations and recurring investment benefits.

Areas of Focus
Problem Statement

Beginner investors (who) approaching the market can be hassle-free in building up their socially-responsible portfolio (what) based on a recognizable rationale while achieving their investment goals (why) by having their investees make actual contributions to promote environmental sustainability (how).

Secondary Research
Industry Trends
Product Strategy
Early Assumptions
Validation Interview
User Insights
Understanding Our Customers
Primary Persona
Secondary Persona
Market Landscape

The market landscape of Forestfolio can be divided into two main categories: user experience complexity and transparency.

Complexity refers to the level of difficulty for users to navigate the platform, mainly reflecting on the usability. It ranges from simple and intuitive to more complex and geared towards experienced investors.

Transparency refers to the degree to which the platform is transparent about its fee structure, investments, and other financial information, ranging from opaque to highly transparent.

Scenario Demonstration
Use Case
Mapping Layout & Filling Content
Mid-Fidelity Prototype
Key Features
User Experience
Brand Consistency
Design System
Branding & Marketing
Brand Identity

Logo & Names

Forestfolio represents the fusion of "Forest" and "Portfolio", symbolizing our commitment to providing environmentally conscious financial services. Our brand works closely with global tree-planting organizations to translate our shareholders' investments in sustainable corporations into tangible social contributions. By doing so, we create a self-sustaining loop that culminates in the creation of forests, which embody the core values of our portfolio.

Design Principle

Marketing Campaign

Outcome & Impact

  1. Impactful solutions require diverse expertise. My ecosystem idea relies on the contributions of a diverse team of experts. By leveraging a wide range of expertise and focusing on the vision, I can develop a more effective and well-rounded solution.

  2. Through developing this app, I recognized the importance of making sustainable finance more accessible and comprehensive, as well as the need for continued education and transparency in the industry.

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