II Invest

Innovation & Impact Driven ETF Service & Community

II Invest is an Innovation & Impact Driven ETF Service, aiming to empower value investing methods for beginner investors to follow. The mission is to empower value investing and ESG trading methodologies through an ETF service. By doing so, we expect to enhance the awareness of sustainable living by sharing easy-to-understand synchronous data to investors in a community-based service adds-on. For confidential purposes, I decided to only include some pages from the deck.

Project Type

  1. Academic Project

  1. Solo Project in entrepreneurial practice

Timeline & Focus

  1. 2023 Q1(14 weeks)

  2. Case Study, Research, Entrepreneurship

Project Instructor

  1. Krystina Castella

Tools Used

  1. Figma

  2. Office 360

Outcome & Impact

  1. Explored the process of structuring a startup idea and system. Did in-depth research in ETF, fintech, and finance industries. Deepened my understanding of accounting, finance, and valuations.

  2. Integrated skills from various disciplines within the business minor and also from a design perspective. Applied financial concepts to assess the viability of a startup idea and leveraged accounting principles to make informed decisions.

  3. Recognized the dynamic nature of the industries studied. Established awareness of continuous learning and adaptability. Built connections with professionals, mentors, and industry experts.

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