About Me

Hi there, Serafina here~

Born and raised in Shenzhen, China, I have witnessed the fundamental transformation of the city from a small village to a global innovation hub. I always felt the spark of creativity and technology, which has led me to become a design-oriented product manager, delivering inclusive products to serve future living better.

As a versatile professional, I have honed my skills in defining problems, analyzing value, and coming up with feasible solutions that minimize bias. I have also developed a growth mindset, adapting to market demands, future trends, and technological innovation. Moreover, advancing social progress and equity has also made up part of me. By putting people first and thinking of the impact each action may have brought through human-centered design, I am more dedicated to developing metrics to evaluate the impact models and identifying pathways to scale.


Fina Studio
Los Angeles, US
07/2023 - Present

02/2023 - Present

• Mentoring in the areas of design, career, growth, and leadership.
• Recognized as a Top 1% Mentor in Design for Mar. 2023.

Associate Product Manager
Starting 06/2023

Product Designer
07/2023 - Present

• Leading web development. Responsible for full-stack design.

Product Design Intern
05/2022 - 03/2022

• Led web development and gaming app MVP design for sub brands.
• Facilitated fundraising through outcomes-oriented design and marketing campaigns.
• Guided NFT creation for partnership brands in Pixel Art style.

Stealth Startup
Los Angeles, US
Co-Founder & COO
02/2023 - Present

02/2021 - 08/2021

• Self-initiated student startup - Led a team of 10.
• Promoted cooperation with leading enterprise.
• Accumulated 10k+ core users and radiated to 100k+ potentials.

Guangzhou, CN
Commercial Design Intern
01/2021 - 04/2021

• Cultivated DFM and leveraged brand identity for Youdao smart devices line.
• Revitalized product marketing through social media and EDM.

TCL Electronics
Shenzhen, CN
Interaction Design Intern
09/2020 - 12/2020

• Remodeled TCL Live TV software for NA market and converted data insights into product roadmap.
• Modified strategic user research and trend analysis to formal reports.


ArtCenter College of Design

09/2019 - 05/2023
Bachelor of Science in Interaction Design | Double Minors in Designmatters & Business

• Graduated with Distinction
• Cumulative GPA: 3.839/4 - Provost List recipient
• Merit-based Scholarship recipient
• Co-Founder & VP of Creative Coding Club (09/2020-04/2023)
• TA for the INSEAD exchange program with Babette Strousse and Todd Masilko (01/2022-04/2022)
• TA for Interaction Design 101 with Maggie Hendrie(09/2021-12/2021)
• Member of ArtCenter CSA


09/2021 - 12/2021
Exchange Program in Digital Product Management

• Identified problems, extracted findings for verification, and generated supportive insights to help case study firm FLYDESK Inc. achieve business goals in collaboration with MBA students. Received A Grade.
• Coached MBA students in creative thinking processes through demos.


Udemy Certificate
Issued 02/2023

HarvardX Verified Certificate
Issued 01/2021

LinkedIn Learning Path Certificate
Issued 10/2020

Improve Your UX Design Skills

Credential ID AZJVQrcyJ4E2pXIUsLElVclv6jeb

Google Digital Garage
Issued 09/2020

The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Credential ID 2GS 2SC NAS

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