Cyber Startup Internship

My in-person internship as a product intern at the startup Cyber Manufacture Co.(now rabbit inc.) started in May 2022. The company was founded in 2020 in Los Angeles and initially focused on web3, releasing NFT tokens and establishing a GameFi + SocialFi community. As we grew together, it transitioned to be a studio with both web3 and AI brands.


  1. Justin Oren (COO & PM)

  2. Rafael Ramirez (Creative Director)

  3. Anthony Gargasz (Lead 3D Artist)

Major Projects

  1. Cyber Manufacture Co. + Quantum Engine Website

  2. GAMA GSS Gaming Launcher (latest version undisclosed)

  3. Dark Horizon Companion App Concept (undisclosed)

Outcome & Impact

  1. Guided brand/product web development based on their identities and delivered a few iterations. Acquired over 4.6k users on both sites from over 20 locations.

  2. Designed for the GAMA Space Station metaverse gaming experience launcher that breaks Web3 boundaries, making the app compatible with all NFT communities.

  3. Led Dark Horizon Companion App design concept from scratch. Increased the Net Promoter Score of the brand by approximately 20%.

  4. Facilitated fundraising to web3 focus Venture Capitals. Helped increase brand exposure that radiated to 3k+ traffic via NFT.NYC and San Diego Comic-Con.

Web Development

  1. Cyber Manufacture Website (V.02/2023)

  2. Quantum Engine Website (V.02/2023)

GAMA GSS Gaming Launcher (launched version)

Photo Booth

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P3. Trivial Events

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